V.F.W. Post 1008 is proud to volunteer and support for numerus programs in hopes of bettering the lives of veterans and our community.
-Loaned out hospital equipment valued at more than $40,000
        10,000+ miles driven doing hospital work.
        Hundreds of hours donated doing hospital work.
        Numerous community based service projects.
        Host multiple Drug & Safety prevention projects.
-Support numerous veterans' causes in legislation. Both State and Federal.
-Help Veterans with claim evaluations, and processing in conjunction with the V.A.
-Our food bank distributes over 5 tons of food yearly, to the needy in our community.
-Host an annual youth campout at Multi-Lakes conservation club for 40-130 kids, at
       no cost to the participants.
-Support Camp Trotter, a summer camp for kids 12 and under.
-Sponsor Parks & Rec. projects and Waterford baseball teams.
-Visit V.A. hospitals to support and financially help disabled veterans.
-An active Honor Guard providing more than 100 funeral and flag services for veterans
-Conduct Flag Ceremonies' at senior citizen homes.
-Sponsored the Waterford Memorial Day parade and open house since 1968.
-Sponsor "Voice of Democracy" program for high school students; assisting to earn
     college scholarships.
-Sponsor "Patriot Pen" program for middle school students.
-Donate to the Michigan Cancer Fund.
-Donate to the Baldwin Center, Grace Center of the Hope, food, clothing and household
-Members deliver Meals on Wheels.
-Give to the area high schools "All Night Senior Parties".
-Support the National Home in Eaton Rapids, a facility for homeless children of
     veterans.  The home also provides rehab and shelter to young widows and children
     of veterans.
-Donate our hall and grounds to various groups including, North Oakland Marine Corps
 American Legion, Boy Scouts Troop #134, Oakland Co Civil Air Patrol, Squadron 238,
     Group 702,
 Cancer Groups, Drug and Alcohol meetings, as well as accommodate other active
     community groups.
-We open our hall to many non-profit organizations in need of a place for Christmas
     parties or functions.
-Sponsor annual community Easter Egg hunt for over 150 children with WFD providing
     fire safety program.
-We are a platinum sponsor of the Waterford Veterans Memorial, having risen over
-Luncheon for homeless veterans of southeast Michigan, 60-80 yearly.
-Donate to the Waterford "Relay for Life" program
-Purchase and lay wreaths at the Great Lakes National Cemetery during Christmas.
-Place flags at Great Lakes National Cemetery on Memorial Day
-Donate to Waterford youth coalition for backpack filling program.
-Donate to Waterford youth coalition for Christmas program.
-Donate and collect clothing and personal items for the Cass corridor Social Services
      and Detroit homeless Veteran programs.
-The Auxiliary donates yearly to each of the 7 veterans medical facilities in Michigan.